Meet the woman with a mission to create a product that simplifies your skincare routine and delivers the result of healthy, glowing skin – Monica Goretti Behan, Founder and Creator of MODICUM Skin Care.

Monica believes healthy is beautiful and she created Modicum Skin Care that is now part of the “Health and Beauty” world.  Monica shares her journey to creating MODICUM Skin Care, her skincare story and routine, but most of all, she shares her wisdom of loving yourself.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I believe that so much of life is what we make it. I look to nature most often to put things into perspective for me and I find comfort and joy in being with animals. Both help to keep me in the present and out of the monkey mind! I grew up out in the country and I would often just go into the abstract of that environment and my imagination would run wild. I lived in the city most of my adult life (NYC and LA) for the culture and now have returned to the environment that nurtured my early development. I go to NYC at least once a month for meetings and art. I feel I have found a great balance of experiences they both have to offer and I feel I am sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

What inspired you to create Modicum Skincare?

My nascent interest in Nutrition and Natural Healing. I have been studying on my own for over 20 years and have hundreds of books on the subject. It was natural for me as I was 45 to start being concerned about the aging process ahead. So I was particularly eating to support my overall health and vitality. I do look at my food as my medicine. I was also researching what foods had the most nutrients for my skin. Vitamins C, E, A, linoleic and linolenic acids, phytonutrients were all imperative for healthy skin and I took it one step further and created something topical that had the highest amounts of these nutrients without any contradictions for sensitive skin.

When did you first become interested in skincare?

Since my first bout with acne as a teenager!

What is your favorite Modicum Skincare product and why?

The Modicum Essential Serum. IF I could have nothing else in my arsenal that would be it. It is a panacea for the skin! That is why it is our best seller. 😉

What inspires you in nature?

Its ability to adapt.

Tell us about your skincare story and routine.

As an artist it was feast or famine and I couldn’t always buy the products I wanted. So when I was trying a particular line I would ask the sales person, if I could only get one of the products right now which one do you suggest. They almost always would say, “ oh well that’s hard to say because the day cream is good for the day because its not too heavy and the toner balances the skin and the eye cream is specifically for the eye area, yadida yadida!… I couldn’t spend that money, nor did I want to have such a routine that required me to travel with so many products. That was my inspiration for creating the serum. IT does it all and its great for all skin types.

Routine – I wash my face at night with the cleanser and apply the serum. The hot washcloth on my face and the smell when I apply the serum feels like a mini spa moment and reminds me I am loving myself. I do the same in the am.

What are your rules when it comes to looking for and using non-toxic products?

Anything you wouldn’t eat you should really reconsider using on your skin. Plant-based products for our overall health is a good base to start with.

What are some of your organic and natural beauty must-haves?

I hate to say it because it sounds like I am trying to sell my product, but truly my Essential Serum. That’s why I called it The Essential Serum. Lol!

Any beauty secret/tips you’d like to share?

Love yourself the best you can. Our emotions and thoughts affect all the cells in our body.

Your products have some very unique ingredients in them. What is your selection process?

I narrowed the process down by the plants that 1. Have the highest nutritional value 2. Do not have any contradictions with sensitive skin 3. Are effective for problematic skin, not just the aging process.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I like to think we are all connected and even though the internet has connected the world in so many ways, it has also left a void of disconnect which has contributed to so many people experiencing anxiety and depression. My philosophy with our company is to try to connect our community with like minded people and get to know each other. We have an “I am Modicum” community page that connects us all. We have a campaign that poses a different question all the time. All the questions are related to what makes us feel good inside and connected in general. Modicum means a small amount of something of high value, desirable. We are all a Modicum that makes up this great universe. This recent on is “I feel beautiful when…

What have you learned most through the process?

So much every day! Mostly people all want to feel good about themselves.

How do you stay educated on the best organic and natural products to use?

Research, research, research Testing, trial and error. Also, I have a community people that share my interest and passion and are always sharing. Monica Behan

“If the eyes are the window to the sould, then the skin is the window to our health” – Monica Behan, MODICUM



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  1. Monica Behan says:

    Thank you Glowing Beets for partnering with Modicum and introducing your wonderful community of Glowing Beets with our Modicum Community. We are honored and look forward to be a part of your like minded and big hearted community!

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