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I love what I do. Why? Because I get to meet amazing people every single day and I want you to meet them too!

Today I want to introduce Joshua Morgan + Brad Scoggins, Founders of Little Barn Apothecary. They are honestly the coolest – everything from their website, humble attitude, amazing products, and not to mention they’re the coolest people you’ll meet. They’re so cool that when I asked them to answer the giant list of questions, they happily obliged.

Tell us a little about Joshua + Brad.

Prior to founding Little Barn Apothecary, Joshua worked as an executive for 16 years in the luxury beauty and spa industry in New York and Chicago. Born to two entrepreneur parents in a Southern farming community, Brad has always been passionate about the healing power of nature. He previously worked in marketing, hospitality, and brand management.

What inspired you two to create Little Barn Apothecary?

We are previous city dwellers but wanted to find a retreat to a slower, quieter, and simpler place, and we wanted a big backyard for our pups to play. [That’s what] led us just Northeast of Atlanta to Stone Mountain. This is where our brand really came to fruition. We had been concocting and mixing and testing but we were missing an element. When we moved out of the city we found it… nature! The beauty of nature and the simplicity it provides for us has inspired us.

When did you two first become interested in skin care?

We wanted more from all-natural skin care and Joshua had always dreamed of creating his own skin care line. We were never really 100% satisfied with any products we tried so that’s how it started. In 2012 we began researching the power of botanicals and herbal medicines and started experimenting with concoctions to help with skin issues we were facing. We went all in and debuted Little Barn Apothecary to the public in January 2015.

What’s your favorite Little Barn Apothecary product and why?

It is so hard to narrow down to just one favorite product from our collection but if we had to choose we would definitely say our Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser is always a stand out! We receive so much amazing feedback regarding this product’s performance – we both use it everyday and our skin thanks us for it.

Tell us about your skincare story and routine

Our typical daily skincare routine involves a handful of our favorites products including our Carrot Seed + Rosehip Eye Serum, Lemongrass + Mint Body Oil for amazing hydration partnered with our Lavender + Frankincense Face Oil which was developed by Joshua over 10 years ago in his kitchen from many years of battling psoriasis – he refers to it as a miracle serum!

What inspires you two in nature?

We like to source our ingredients and botanicals locally as much as possible and always source from US suppliers. We are a PETA certified company and commit to whole, cruelty free, and certified organic ingredients; our sourcing is a pretty big deal to us. When you take a look at the ingredients in some skin care products on the market today it gets scary. You know your skin absorbs anything you put on it. Think of it like you’re drinking or eating your products and, well, we wouldn’t eat some of the stuff that’s in there! Plus, we believe in the power and healing of all-natural botanicals.

What are some of you + Brad’s organic and natural beauty must-haves

We have become quite fond of some brands within the green beauty space and incorporate some of our faves from their collections into our daily regimens including Osmia Organics, Meow Meow Tweet, S.W. Basics and Tata Harper.

Any beauty secret/tips you + Brad would like to share?

With everything made in-house, we constantly have our work cut out for us, but making sure we both have a hands in each product’s creation ensures quality. All of our products are things we wanted for ourselves. We search out what’s missing and go for it. If [a product] is already there, we improve it and make it for ourselves — and then share it with the outside world. We believe in complete transparency as it pertains to our processes and formulations which is important to today’s savvy beauty consumer who is specifically seeking natural/organic based self-care. We are a two man team but constantly pride ourselves on being extremely responsive to our customers which is what we attribute to our already loyal fan base and making a splash in the highly competitive world of beauty.

We want our products to inspire you to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy your daily skin and beauty rituals. We’re always sparked with new ideas, new inspirations, and want to forever create new products that are highly effective and good for you.

Joshua Morgan + Brad Scoggins
L I T T L E B A R N A P O T H E C A R Y®

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