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Indie Lee, Founder of Indie Lee, after conquering a life-threatening brain tumor (the culprit being environmental toxins), set out to create an eco-chic beauty line comprised of the finest all natural ingredients around the world.

Indie Lee’s creations have since been featured in numbers publications and can now be found in Saks Fifth Avenue, Anthropologie and many other stores across the country and around the world.

We cannot be more thrilled and honored to have Indie Lee answer all your natural skincare questions.

What product would you recommend for mild cystic acne and to keep Rosacea at bay?

I had cystic acne until my mid 30s.  The products that changed my complexion and that I swear by include, the Squalane Facial Oil, Brightening Cleanser and Clearing Mask.

For rosacea, it is important to avoid fragrance and ingredients that inflame skin.  Our go tos include: Rosehip Cleanser, Squalane Facial Oil,  CoQ-10 Toner.


It’s summer, so how do I soothe a sunburn?

I recommend using products with soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that contain ingredients such as aloe, calendula, lavender and chamomile.  Many of our customers are big fans of our Lavender Chamomile Moisturizing oil for its multitasking benefits including after sun care.


What are some ingredients that stimulate collagen production in your products?

Our multi-tasking CoQ-10 Toner has, no surprise here, Enzyme CoQ-10 in it.  That powerful antioxidant is known for its cumulative anti-aging benefits including helping to stimulating collagen and elastin production.


What’s the “fastest” way to get rid of a pimple?

Pimples always leave red spots worse than the do I minimize this?

First and foremost, resist the urge to pop that zit.   Always keep your skin clean and do not touch your face throughout the day.  Clean your cellphone screen as well as your makeup brushes.

In your research for pure beauty, what has been the most magical/overall healing ingredient you have come across and how have you utilized it in your formulations?

What products do you recommend for sensitive skin/dry skin?

Sometimes skin appears dry and sensitive due to the harsh ingredients in skincare products that are being used day in and day out. To keep skin hydrated, avoid products with fragrance (can also be listed as parfum and perfume) and alcohol in them.  Skin sensitivities can be the result of specific ingredient allergies which are different from person to person. It can be difficult to isolate which ingredients trigger sensitivities when many products on the market have so many ingredients in them  (even 30 or more).  We recommend choosing products with only a handful of all natural ingredients.

The Calendula Eye Balm, Squalane Facial Oil and our Moisturizing Oils are terrific and loved by even the most sensitive of customers. Indie Lee Calendula-blog-nylon

Bundled these together:

What is your favorite product that you use everyday?

What’s your favorite skincare ingredient and why?  

What is the best way to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation?

What’s the best ingredient/product for hyper pigmentation?

What is the best Indie Lee product for acne scarring? What is your holy grail product?

What’s your favorite single facial oil?  Example: Argan, rose hip, pomegranate etc..

I can’t live without our squalane facial oil. It’s 100% olive derived and it’s changed my complexion. I struggled with cystic acne into my late 30’s, using our squalane facial oil has transformed my complexion. I rarely break out and my skin has never been healthier.  I’m proud to say I no longer find a need to wear foundation.  Friends have even commented that I look younger today than I did in my 20s.

The body produces squalene in abundance until our mid 20s.  As it’s production diminishes, the texture, tone, color (i.e. hyperpigmentation develops) and dewiness of the skin changes. By adding squalane to one’s daily regimen, positive changes to the skin are recognized almost immediately.

Do you recommend oil cleansers for oily skin?

Yes, I do.  I know it seems counterintuitive but using a natural non comedogenic oil, like jojoba, is great for oily skin (actually all skin types) and can help regulate oil production.   Many individuals think they need to rid their skin of the excess oil buy using a cleanser that will dry them out (often containing alcohol – and other naughty ingredients that strip skin), your body then tries to replace what is missing and then goes into overdrive productions…more oil.

Which natural sunscreen is your favorite and why?

What is the best skincare SPF product for your face and neck?

Sunscreen is a tricky topic as I have yet to find an all natural product (other than zinc oxide) that does the trick. I also tend to break out when using most sunscreens. Most sunscreens on the market contain toxic ingredients so I always recommend reading your sunscreens ingredient list.

My go to sunscreen is a huge floppy hat, fantastic sunglasses and finding shade.  However, when I do find myself in a situation that calls for time I use Coola or Suntegrity brand products.

Would love to know the best natural treatment for milia.

Typically, Milia will go away by itself over time. However if you aren’t the patient type, I recommend seeing your dermatologist.  Using a natural exfoliator with BHA (like Salicylic Acid) is a great natural way to keep Milia at bay.


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